What is Competitive Power Tumbling?

Power tumbling consists of high energy tumbling passes where each progressive skill performed is faster than the previous skill. A power tumbler gains speed as he/she tumbles down the rod floor flipping and twisting, but has to stick the landing at the end of the pass for maximum points. Tumbling is done on a rod floor which is made of fiberglass rods covered by two rolls of foam and is super bouncy.

Athletes are judged on form, technique, difficulty of skills performed and athletes receive a score for each pass and these scores are then added together for final score. Power tumbling is fun, addictive, and the average athlete commits to two to four hours per week in the gym leaving lots of time for other sports, homework, family time, etc. In the world of recreational and all-star cheer, power tumbling is a great compliment to cheerleading as the power tumblers are usually the best, most confident tumblers on the cheer floor. Power Tumbling is also a great alternative for a gymnast that is no longer interested in competing on bars, beam, and vault, but is only interested in competitive tumbling.

What Skills Do I Need to Join the Team?

TSA's power tumbling team has a spot for everyone interested in learning and competing skills on the rod floor, from front rolls, back handsprings, to double twisting layouts and more! If someone is interested in being on a team we will assess your skills and place you on the correct team level. What parents and athletes must remember is tumbling requires a great deal of strength, flexibility, balance, and body control and these things take time to learn. Every athlete learns at their own pace so it is important not to compare your child to other children. Our staff takes an immense amount of time talking about each athlete's progress and adjusting drills, conditioning, skill learning exercises and more to make sure every athlete is progressing at their own level. The Power Tumbling team is a lot of work, but very rewarding!